Photo Gallery
Chronology of Selected Photos
Selected pictures from previous years working back each year in reverse chronological order. This area will be expanded as time permits. 2007 photos have been posted.
Birthday Celebrations
Pictures of various birthday celebrations.
Family Pictures
Miscellaneous pictures of family members.
Favorite Photos
These are some of my favorite photos. Some of them I use for my desktop background/screen savers and others are pictures I have submitted to my company's photo exhibit.
FGM, Inc. Photos
These are photos taken at various events hosted by the company I work for (FGM, Inc.). For more information about FGM, Inc. see
Fort Valley
Miscellaneous pictures of Fort Valley, Virginia.
Pictures of Germany
Photos from our visits to family in Germany.
Kepha the Labradoodle
Photos of our dog Kepha. He was born on February 16th, 2008 in Doodlesville, West Virginia. His daddy is a Standard Poodle named Bailey and his mom is a Yellow Labradore named Dazy. We brought him home to live with us in Fort Valley, Virginia on April 11th, 2008.
Miscellaneous pictures of our frequent visits to Marshall, Virginia.
Favorite photos of miscellaneous people and places that don't fit into the other categories.
Pictures of Utah
Photos from our visits to family in Utah.

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