Selected Photos from 2008

Selected photos of January 2008. Various Fort Valley Sunrises, March for Life, Emily in the "Estro Van".
Selected photos of February 2008. Baby Stephen, Clara's second birthday, Lunar Eclipse, Fort Valley Sunrise.
Selected photos of March 2008. Baby Stephen's visit to Fort Valley, Stephen at UVA Medical Center, Easter Vigil, the girls visit Oma and Opa, Fort Valley sunrise, “Jezabelle” the cat anxiously awaits the arrival of the new puppy (NOT!).
Selected photos of April 2008. More pics of Baby Stephen, Anne's CCD class celebrates their First Confession, Kepha the Labradoodle arrives, Emily's Confirmation, and more pics of Fort Valley sunrises.
Selected photos of May 2008. Maria's First Communion, Fort Valley sunrise, Kepha the Labradoodle grows bigger, "Jezabelle" the "happy" cat with a new clip, and baby Stephen grows bigger too.
Selected photos of June 2008. Knights of Columbus "Family of the Year" award, grandkids at "Camp Oma", Kepha the Labradoodle, and pics of Fort Valley.
Selected photos of July 2008. Ted, Caroline, and Baby Stephen, Kepha the Labradoodle, and Vacation Bible School.
Selected photos of August 2008. Kids visiting Fort Valley, Anne's Birthday, Kepha the Labradoodle, and Anne's visit to Germany.
Selected photos of September 2008. Steve meets Bishop Loverde after the blessing of the parish church renovation, Kepha the Labradoodle, and pictures of the complete renovation project at St. John Bosco Catholic Church.
Selected photos of October 2008. Pictures of the new baby Matthew, rainbos and sunrise at Fort Valley, Youth Shooting Team, Matthew's Baptism, and Kepha the Labradoodle.
Selected photos of November 2008. Pictures of Fort Valley sunrise, tractor and log splitter, and Kepha the Labradoodle.
Selected photos taken in December 2008. Emily's birthday, aerial photos of our house, more beautiful Fort Valley sunrises, Pat Harris' house blessing, Kepha the Labradoodle, Christmas Eve, Saint John Bosco Catholic Church decorated for Christmas, and portraits of the kids.
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