Selected Photos from 2007

Selected photos of January 2007. New Year party, Fort Vally sunrise, visit to Fort Valley, fixing hair.
Selected photos of February 2007. Ted and Caroline's wedding, Clara's birthday party, guests from Utah, Anne's new car, snow.
Selected photos of March 2007. Fort Valley sunrise, snow, visit to Fort Valley.
Selected photos of April 2007. Emily and friends, visit to Utah, visit to Fort Valley.
Selected photos of May 2007. Visit to Utah, Marv's birthday party, visit to Marshall, Katie's birthday party.
Selected photos of June 2007. Ultrasound of baby Stephen, Williamsburg, visit to Marshall, Montessori School of Oakton school play, visit to Fort Valley, Anne at company picnic.
Selected photos of July 2007. 4th of July celebration at Fort Valley, new tractor, Fort Valley rainbow.
Selected photos of August 2007. Caroline's baby shower, Fort Valley, Anne's birthday party.
Selected photos of September 2007. Visit to Fort Valley, sunrise, excavation work with new tractor.
Selected photos of October 2007. Susan and Jerry visit, Katie's soccer game, Gettysburg, Washington DC, Fort Valley sunrise, lawn mower.
Selected photos of November 2007. Thanksgiving visit to Fort Valley, Fort Valley sunrise, Montessori play, Katie and Maria.
Selected photos of December 2007. Emily's basketball game and birthday party, Fort Valley ice storm, Fort Valley sunrise, Stella, Christmas, portraits.
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