Writings of Luisa Piccarretta
Notes by Rev.Wm.G.Most

Condemnation: On July 14,1938 Pope Pius XI approved the decision of the Holy Office to condemn and place on the Index of Forbidden Books, three writings of Luisa Picaretta.

The decree is published in the Acta Apostolicae Sedis, 1938 volume, p.318.

The semi­official Osservatore Romano in reporting this said: "The principal subject... is the Divine Will conceived in an exaggerated, erroneous manner and presented in a language and with a terminology where often absurd inaccuracies and extravagances abound..."

Later developments: If devotees of Luisa try to be say now that the copies used by the Holy Office were defective if so, the defenders should bring forth both the defective passages and the corrected form in print today.

Current Texts: No proof of that contention has thus far been presented. But a reading of her writings indeed does show things that match the description given in the Osservatore: which called them EXAGGERATED, ERRONEOUS.... with OFTEN ABSURD INACCURACIES AND EXTRAVAGANCES in abundance.

We offer examples of such passages:

1.Jesus said: (Book of Heaven, p.119): I wish to emit the third FIAT.... this will complete the work that poured forth from Me. Otherwise, the work of Creation as well as Redemption would remain incomplete.

2.BH p.12: "Now daughter, you also [i.e. along with Mary] are unique in my Mind; and you will be unique in history. There will not be ­ either before or after you ­ any other creature for whom I will obligate through necessity the work of my Ministers. How much attention is required from you and them. You, in receiving from Me, as a second mother, The Great Gift of my will and to know all its qualities and my ministers in receiving It from you To Fulfill in My church the Fiat Voluntas Tua in Heaven as It is on earth."

COMMENT: Mary of Agreda's canonization process was stopped by a Pope of the same Franciscan order as she was because she said all are OBLIGED to accept her teaching. Here Luisa is called unique in history like our Lady!

3.BH p.xix:..."to no other souls, however much I have loved them, have I shown How to live in my Will.... Search the lives of the Saints as much as you wish or in books of doctrine and you will not find the wonders of My Will working in the creature and the creature acting in my Will. The most you will find will be resignation, abandonment, the union of wills, but the divine will working in the creature and the creature in my will, you will not find this in anyone."

COMMENT: Often these texts speak of being IN the divine will, and claim it is substantially higher than conformity etc. man will produces activities and directs them. We note that the Divine will is working IN the Creature and the Creature IN God's Will. ­ What does the IN mean? It cannot be local presence, for a Spirit does not take up place. Nor could it mean ontological identity ­ then the soul would be God. Nor could it mean identity of action: for all God's actions are identical with His Being. Then the soul would be identical with God. There remains only identity of objects willed. But this amounts to conformity with the will of God."

We still wish to compare this state with that described by St. John of the Cross:

In Ascent of Mt. Carmel III.II.10; Living Flame 1.4;1.9; and 2.34): In the spiritual marriage, "God alone moves the powers of these souls to do the things that are right, and they cannot be moved to any others.....Such were the actions of the most glorious Virgin, Our Lady, who being elevated from the beginning [of her life] to this lofty state never had the form of any creature impressed on her, nor was moved by such, but was always moved by the Holy Spirit."

It is obvious that this is the ultimate takeover of the human will by the divine will, the Holy Spirit. One could not even imagine anything more. God Himself, alone, moves the will of one in the Mystical Marriage. The soul is not dead, it is still human. But all it contributes is the consent to be moved in this way.

In actual graces in general, God by His movement causes the soul to see something as good: That almost automatically causes the soul to be favorable to what God proposes. At this point could the soul decide to accept the divine movement? No, for Phil 2.13 says of souls even at a lesser stage: "It is God who works in you both the will and the doing."

Similarly, the soul could not make a positive decision not to reject, for that would be a good decision, ruled out by Phil 2.13. We must add, however that in the actual decision, the soul is not totally passive. For the Council of Trent defines in DS 1554: "If anyone shall say that the will of man, moved and aroused by God, does not cooperate at all in assenting to God calling and arousing, by which it might prepare itself to obtain the grace of justification, and that neither could it dissent if it willed, but that like a lifeless thing it does not act at all but is merely passive: Let him be anathema.". There is no way to conceive less activity on the part of the soul: but it is not lifeless and passive.

--Compare BH 29: "abandoning oneself completely in my Will destroys one's own essence and causes one to reacquire the Divine Essence." And also in BH 86:"When a soul acts in my Will her humanity is as it were suspended. Then the Divine Life of my Love takes its place."

What we have just explained pertains to the soul even in the highest possible state.

3.BH 38:
Jesus to Louisa: "My will is the sanctity of sanctities. Therefore the soul that does my will according to the perfection that I teach you, that, on earth as it is in Heaven, no matter how little, unknown, or ignorant she may be she will surpass all the other Saints despite their prodigies, striking conversions and miracles... The souls that do my Will in this manner appear as though they do nothing, yet they do everything. Because by remaining in my Will they act divinity, secretly, and in a surpassing way... Whereas those doing the miracles are only channels".

COMMENTS: We note that they act "divinely" ­ compare to comments above on being IN the will. And there is a danger than ordinary souls may consider themselves greater than all the Saints of the past, except Our Lady ­ greater than St. Joseph, than St. John of the Cross. Yet in BH 123:"...there are no special paths, nor doors, nor keys to my Will. A soul has but to desire it and all is done. My Will assumes all the work.... With virtues it is just the opposite. How many efforts are needed, how many battles, how many long paths." ­ So a soul that merely desires to be in the Will need not labor for the virtues, need not have the effort to prepare for spiritual marriage ­ this is greater, and costs no effort, just a desire! BH 38 speaks almost with disdain of conformity to the will of God:" This is the supreme Unity. There also exists the poor and lowly union in which the soul is resigned to my Will. Yes, but such a soul does not see my dispositions as her own, as her life. Neither is she happy in my Will, nor does she lose her will in mine." We comment: So the great Saints had only a "poor and lowly union"! But an ordinary person who makes no great effort, but simply desires to be IN the Will is greater!

4.pp.3,4 BH: "I see that these writings will be for my church as a new sun that will rise in her midst."

5."When I am sacrificed, the soul that lives with Me in my Will is sacrificed with Me, not only in one Mass, but in all Masses from the first to the last. Since she lives in my Will the soul is consecrated in all the Hosts. And BH 106:"...my Will is Sacrament and surpasses all the sacraments together"

CONCLUSION: The Article in Osservatore Romano on the Condemnation of the writings of Luisa spoke of them as putting things in "an exaggerated, erroneous manner and presented in a language and with a terminology where often absurd inaccuracies and extravagances abound...." After reading the above, one may conclude that in spite of any claims of rehabilitation, the strictures of 1938 are still true.

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