Letter from Archbishop Carmelo Cassati
to the Authorized Promoters of
The Kingdom of the Divine Will

January 22, 1998

Fr. John O. Brown
Fr. Mike Adams
Fr. Thomas Celso
Fr. Carlos Massieu
Mr. Thomas Fahy
Mr. & Mrs. Miguel Machado
Mr. Jose Luis Acuna

Dear friends,

After much prayer and meditation, I believe it is my duty to write this letter.

I think it is necessary for all of us to pause for a period of time for reflection, because all of us want what is best for Luisa Piccaretta and that the Cause of Beatification proceed well if it is God's will to glorify His Servant.

On the 28th of November 1994 I wrote a letter "To Whom it may concern." In this letter, I presented Mr. Thomas Fahy and Mr. & Mrs. Miguel Machado "as persons worthy of our trust to gather information, objects, writings, or any other things, which may be inherent to promoting this Cause (of Beatification), as well as monetary offerings."

Afterwards I wrote other letters "To Whom it may concern" to Bishops of many parts of the world for each one of you as trustworthy persons, and as authorized promoters to speak about Luisa.

You are well aware that I did this because of the presence in the USA of Fr. Guetavo's "Society of Apostolic Life" and I did not want people to mistakenly think our work for the Cause was the same as their activity.

All of you, authorized persons, have worked well, driven by your enthusiasm and love toward Luisa Piccarreta.

Unfortunately, when dealing with things concerning our faith, enthusiasm is not enough. Reflection is also necessary. Perhaps, without realizing it, we are hurting the very same Cause of Beatification of Luisa.

This is because, if it is true that: "private revelation may not add anything essentially new to Public Revelation, though it may extend what the Church already holds by means of a definable development of doctrine, it is the task of those who explain her doctrine to others (including her authorized promoters) to reconcile it with the teaching of the Church. Poor or exaggerated explanations of her writings have already scandalized some faithful, who then attribute the error to the Servant of God" (William G. Bilton to Arthur & Joanne Kirby, April 04, 1997).

To insist a lot with conferences and propaganda on Luisa can be dangerous for the Cause because, before the Church pronounces itself in her regard, a true "cult" to Luisa could develop, and this would in no way be in harmony with the tradition of the Church.
Archbishop Carmelo Cassati 1

Archbishop Carmelo Cassati 2

Due to all this, as the Bishop responsible for the Cause, I formed a Diocesan Commission and an Office, with the headquarters in Corato. It must take care of and follow:

1. The course of the Cause of Beatification.

2. The spiritual activity of the Pious Association "Luisa Piccarreta P.F.D.V."

3. The typical edition of the writings of Luisa (the Diaries).

4. The coordination of the Centers that already exist and those which will be formed.

5. Answering the numerous questions for clarification that arrive from all over the world.

Everyone must refer to this Office and Commission, you whom the Bishop had recognized as "authorized promoters."

I am certain you understand the necessity for this unification.

America is very far away and the Bishop responsible for the Cause cannot know what is being said in Luisa's name.

You know the Spirituality of Luisa better than the others do and I am sure that you will know how to see the will of God in what I have decided.

You can keep the conferences you have already been committed to, but after them you must stop your activity both concerning conferences and printed matter.

I thank you for what you have done in Luisa's name and I bless you.

+ Carmelo Cassati

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