(Acta Apostolicae Sedis, t.30, 1938; page 318)

DECREE of the Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office Condemning and Placing on the Index of Certain Books

Wednesday, July 13, 1938, in the general Reunion of the Supreme Sacred Congregation, the Most Eminent and Reverend Cardinals concerned with the defense of the faith and good morals, after the prior advise of our Reverend Consultors, have condemned and ordered inserted in the Index of Prohibited Books the following writings written by other persons:

  1. Watch of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ with a Treatise on the Blessed Virgin;
  2. In the Kingdom of the Divine Will;
  3. The Queen of Heaven in the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

The following Thursday, July 14, Our Holy Father, Pius XI, Pope by Divine Providence, in the usual Audience accord the Most Excellent and Reverend Assessors of the Holy Office, has approved the decision of the Most Eminent Cardinals that had been submitted to him, and has confirmed it and ordered it published.

Given in Rome, at the Palace of the Holy Office, August 31, 1938.

Romulus Pantantetti, Notary of the Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office

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