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Transporter Info Services (TIS) is a small business/hobby owned and operated by Steve Clifford. The primary purpose of TIS is to provide Internet services to end-users (and to have fun myself). I have been offering services to the public since 1986 when I opened my first Bulletin Board System (BBS) on FidoNet with a 1200 baud modem.

I chose Transporter as the name of my BBS because at that time I was a young Captain in the United States Army Transportation Corps. The BBS had four conferences with names corresponding to the four modes of transportation - Highway, Rail, Water, and Air. There was also an underground conference called the Pipeline.

Today I operate Transporter Info Services out of my home as a public service. Some of the Web sites that I am hosting from my servers are:

The site is located at
The Village of Mount Zion Web site is hosted by TIS. Our house is located in Fort Valley, VA at the Village of Mount Zion.
The Unofficial Legion of Mary Web site has been maintained and hosted by TIS since 1994. All comments expressed here are personal and may not necessarily represent the official exposition of the Legion as outlined in the handbook. Questions concerning specific procedures of the Legion system should be directed to the nearest Legion of Mary Council.
Kepha the Labradoodle
Saint John Bosco Catholic Church.

As always, your comments or suggestions on improvements are sincerely appreciated.

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